I'm so glad you found us.  We're the folks selling that huge Aesthetic Movement collection  on eBay - the one you may have seen in Country Home magazine.  But there's more to it than that . . .

We're out there every day in search of elusive antique treasures - buying from estates, country auctions and local homes.  We then rush home and present our discoveries on eBay. We sell ONLY on eBay, and we do it in a way you'll love. On every item, we ask for an opening bid of only $9.00, and there is never, ever a reserve.  We also try to make it a really fun buying experience, sometimes spinning a little yarn within the listing.

I've provided a couple links below.  One will take you to the items we're currently selling on eBay.  The other is an email link - just in case you have a special request or need additional help.  (Or maybe you just need to talk to someone.) 


Click here to be directed to currently listed items

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